Everyone has a Story:
How a business began is always an interesting story. The Peters family started the Ducth House Restaurant and Bakery in 1991. Customers were excited for a Mennonite restaurant with good home-cooked food and a friendly family setting.
Then, Jay Bullock purchased the restaurant, building on its reputation. This hardware store owner did a fine job of increasing sales and bringing it up to date with the times.
In November of 2015, my family and I came into the story. I was cooking at a restaurant in Dalhart, Texas, the Panhandle of Texas. Jay called me on a Thursday afternoon to tell me he didn't know what to do. His cook of some 10 years put in his notice. As timing would have it, that night I lost my job. My family and I had owned two small cafés and I did not want the load of running anouther one, so I was working for other restaurants. The day I lost my job I was through working for managers and owners who I could not understand. The next morning I called Jay and applied for the job.
The following Monday we were on the road to Wrens, Georgia. That was at the end of July, 2014. Not knowing if we were going to stay, we came just to see the direction that God had for our lives. In a few weeks it was very clear, I would accept the position and we would relocate to Wrens.
I was the new fry cook. 14 months later, God handed the restaurant and bakery to us on a silver plate (or a blue-rimmed Dutch plate). We purchased the restaurant from Jay and Mary. We started on the busiest month of the year, November 2015. Forgive us if we made mistakes. As I said, we ran small cafés before, but not a big one like this. We really enjoy our customers and the community. Thanks for helping us put shoes on the feet of our children. We have made a commitment and when God gives an invitation He supplies the will and the means. We love making good food, meeting people, and serving others. We look forward to getting to know you and learning YOUR STORY.

Michael, Janet, Marita, Sarah, and Peter Decker