About the Bakery:
"I can't tell you how many times I've seen grown adults, grandpas and grandmas, eating their pastries, sitting in their car, right after they've walked out the door, chewing on a lemon bar or a flakey Barvarian turnover. That's why I'm in this business; that's how to enjoy life."
- Michael Decker, Owner
Welcome to The Bakery. Here is a vision of all the many fresh baked items we offer and you simply must try sometime! If you are joining us for breakfast I recommend the Caramel Nut Rolls, some folks call ‘em Sticky buns, topped with locally grown pecans and caramel glaze frosting. My second choice is the Cream Cheese Rolls, or there are Cinnamon Rolls, Pineapple, Raspberry or Ham & Cheese Rolls, or try our breakfast burritos.
We make a variety of home-made pies, cakes, breads, dinner rolls and cookies of many kinds. All of our goodies we create by hand right here in our kitchen. Angela and her crew begin their day while most of us sleep so we’ll have breakfast ready when you are!
We also have an assortment of casseroles and ready to heat and serve dishes. Pick one up, drop it in your dish at home and they’ll never know your secret! We also do sandwiches for a lighter lunch fare.
Call ahead or order online for special orders, especially at holidays when it gets busy! See ya’ soon!