Welcome to the Dutch House!
We get many reviews on social media. I am thankful that customers take the time to tell us and others about their great experience in our restaurant and bakery. We do, however, get a review now and then that is not so flatering. When we took over a year and a half ago, I made mistakes (in trying to save money) and I heard about it. Fortunately, I listened, fixed those mistakes, and learned.
Recently we got a review that really got my attention. Someone wrote that the food was great, the service was great, but "Where are the Mennonites?"
The Dutch House Restaurant and Bakery was started by Mennonites, Larry and Wanda Petters, 26 years ago. I'm guessing they saw an empty Old Stuckey's building that needed to be filled with Christians who wanted to serve the community home-cooked food and be witnesses of God's love. Even back then, home-cooking was becomming a thing of the past. They also had a conviction to make jobs for loved ones who needed employement as well as other members of the community. Even today, we make jobs and contribute a lot to the local economy which makes me very happy.
Larry and Wanda sold the restaurant to Jay and Mary Bullock after 14 years. Jay is an exceptional, true businessman. He and Mary updated the restaurant, bringing it into the 21st century. They continued the tradition of cooking delicious Southern cooking. Jay and his son Preston also own Jay's Ace Hardware in town and there came a time when they needed to focus on their hardware business.
My family and I purchased the restaurant and bakery in November of 2015 from Jay. It's true that the restaurant business is not easy. We have already weathered a few storms and as long as God is willing we will keep doing the best we can.
I have learned that as Christians we don't need to make gourmet food. The average customer isn't looking for that. We're here to provide a service; to make a hot plate of food that tastes good, at a reasonable price, for anyone who needs a meal. I tell people, when I cook, I want my customers to know there's something in their mouths. That's called FLAVOR!
My wife and I have the same conviction as Larry and Wanda did, as Jay and Mary did. We want to be a light to others down here along the busy Highway 1, a light for all the world to see, joyful, content Christians who love to serve others from their heart.
So, to answer that question, "Where are the Mennonites?" We are still here, the Ducth House Restaurant and Bakery is still owned by Mennonites. We can't wait to see you.

Michael, Janet, Marita, Sarah, and Peter Decker